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 I'm Aisha Adaaiki, a Libyan young adult living in Qatar (for now ;)). I'm a sophomore in college studying Computer Science with a minor in International Affairs. I speak Arabic, English, and almost Spanish and can understand French. I have several hobbies, including photography, graphic design, dancing, reading books, horse riding, swimming, debating in Arabic and English, developing web pages, and building robots. I'm learning to play the violin, design UX/UI, and many other things.


I love exploring topics such as anthropology, astronomy, astrobiology and xenobiology, criminology, radiology, history, politics and geopolitics, archeology, ethnology, human psychology, sociology, tech, geology, languages, and philosophy; basically, as long as it's not geography :)​


I'm creating this blog to share and document the random facts I learn, as well as my life experiences. I'm doing it for myself before anyone else. Therefore, the credibility and reliability of the information shared are considerably questionable. I will make sure to include always a section in each post including the resources I learn from, namely books, papers, videos, podcasts, tweets, people's experiences, interviews, or even random reels on my Instagram FYP. I’m not mentioning TikTok not because I’m mature, but because I actually hate using that app, with all due respect Zhang Yiming.


​I will try to post it in all three languages I know English, Spanish, and Arabic (Libyan dialect). However, I do not promise :0


​Welcome to Aisha's brain!  ​​

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